The Tale of El Guapo


The Early Days

It was a cold and windy April morning on the barren plains of West Texas where I was born back in '06.

Times were hard, life was rough, and in my family it was dog-eat-dog. At first I barely survived with my tail intact.

But it only made me tougher. Before long, I was the dog at the top of the food-chain. Sadly, I was expelled from the litter for being too greedy and stingy.

I said goodbye — & good riddance — to my family and friends, and hit the road. I had big plans for my new life in the big-city. But all too soon I found myself imprisoned behind the bars of a mall pet store. (I was framed!)

This is where the tale of El Guapo begins.

—El Guapo (rabid by choice)
(via ghost writer)

 The Tale of El Guapo:  part 2 

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