El Guapo’s Picture


El Guapo with a very fuzzy head.
El Guapo . . . Be still and I'll take your picture. STOP MOVING!!!

An extreme close-up of El Guapo's nose.
STOP IT!!! Don't touch the lens. QUIT IT!!!

A close-up of only half of El Guapo's face.
Just scoot away from the camera! MOVE!

El Guapo's eyes are closed.
Finally. What??? You little rat, you closed your eyes! (It's like living with a monkey.)

El Guapo looks angry.
If you don't want to be called a monkey, don't act like one.

El Guapo has a slight smile.
Now, try to look distinguished. And smile. Is that the best you can do? (Sigh.)

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