El Guapo—Rabid By Choice

Meet the Mighty El Guapo

A blurry, busy puppy.
Baby El Guapo.

The infamous El Guapo began as a lowly mall baby. He was plucked-up and carried home for no more reason than his infantile cuteness; only to be quickly abandoned as his crackhead mother* was prone to do.

*(A crack wide enough to allow the enclosed marbles to freely escape.)

He was reluctantly taken in by his grandparents, but by then it was too late; he was already wildly out of control. The only goals of his young life were a wanton destruction of anything within reach, and an unfettered bloodlust to maul the hand that fed him.

El Guapo, mouth open wide as he attacks his master's hand.
El Guapo attacks.

A favorite pastime is to lurk in the hidden recesses of darkness.

Wild and craven eyed, he anxiously awaits opportunity to viciously spring upon any hapless victim.

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